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About Us

Bushveld Minerals Limited (Bushveld Minerals) is an AIM-listed Company exploring and developing projects on the Bushveld Complex in South Africa. The company targets projects that combine:

  • Favorable cost-curve positioning,

  • A pragmatic, relatively low-capex and near term production profile

  • Potential for scale in well-understood geographies.


Bushveld Minerals boasts an attractive portfolio of assets organized in four focused platforms:

  • Bushveld Resources Limited (BRL) – vanadium, titanium, iron ore and phosphate

  • Greenhills Resources Limited (GRL) - tin

  • Lemur Resources Limited (LMR) – thermal coal


Bushveld Resources

Bushveld Resources has a focus on building a significant global vertically integrated vanadium platform combining quality vanadium mining, processing and further downstream vanadium industries, including vanadium based energy storage systems.

BRL has two anchor projects:

  • The Mokopane Vanadium Project – a 300 million tonne outcropping primary vanadium resource distinctive for its exceptional vanadium grades and first-quartile cost curve position, based on a proven processing method. Following a positive scoping study in 2014, a prefeasibility study is currently underway.

<Read more about the Mokopane Vanadium project here>

  • The Brits Vanadium Project –  a greenfield primary vanadium project which hosts the strike continuation of the mineralization currently mined at Evraz’s Vametco operations in Brits and boasts of in magnetite vanadium grades in excess of 2% V2O5

            <More info about the Brits Vanadium project coming soon>

The company also has a titanium and iron resource, the P-Q Iron & Titanium Project, based on the same license as the Mokopane Vanadium Project, which it is



Greenhills Resources Limited

Greenhills is a platform dedicated to the development of a mid-tier African tin company with near term production profile. The platform currently has two key projects:

  • The Mokopane Tin Project
    The Mokopane Tin Project comprises a prospecting area over some ~10,000 hectares in a historic tin mining district. The project hosts 5 targets with identified tin mineralization and a JORC compliant resource of 18,500 tons contained tin, with average grades of ~0,15% SnO2, in two open castable deposits, with a further 3 targets to be developed.

    <Read more about the Mokopane Tin project here>

  • The Marble Hall Tin Project
    The Marble Hall Tin Project hosts a historical pre-feasibility study undertaken in the 1980s, and has a breccia-vein based tin resource estimated, based on historical drilling data, to be in excess of 18,00 tons of contained tin with grades of about 0.5% Sn. An application to extend the exploration license is awaited before confirmatory geological exploration work is undertaken to confirm the size and quality of the resource.

    <More info on the Marble Hall Tin Project coming soon>




Lemur Resources

Lemur Resources is Bushveld’s energy platform with a 136 Mt JORC thermal coal resource in Madagascar, where it is in the process of securing an IPP license for a coal-fired power station, providing a ready market for its coal in an area with a significant power deficit.

<Read more about the Marble Hall Tin project here>


The company equally recognizes the risk lowering-benefits of a diversified portfolio, particularly one involving commodities with solid economic fundamentals as the need to ensure each project platform has requisite focus needed for success. Through a disciplined project development programme the company’s focus for each project entails:

  • Confirming a robust resource

  • Defining the economics of the project

  • Developing strategic partnerships capable of accelerating projects through feasibility studies to production


The Company’s technical team boasts in-depth expertise on African geology and has played leadership roles in identifying and developing early stage projects through to developing them into operational mines.